Senior style guide

Need help figuring out what to wear to your senior photoshoot? You've come to the right place!

Things to keep in mind while you plan

  • If you're doing a champagne pop, it can get messy so plan for that outfit & location to be your last.
  • Unless they are meaningful to your college experience, stay away from big logos.
  • Bring a pair of shoes for walking between locations. Preferably a pair you can easily slip on and off.
  • Cold season sessions - bring a blanket, sweater, and/or hand warmers to keep warm while we aren't shooting.
  • Warm season sessions - bring plenty of water, a hand held fan, mirror, and make-up for touch-ups. It's hot here in Texas!
  • REMEMBER: We want this session to commemorate your time in college! Let's keep it authentic to you <3

your first outfit!

A nice elegant look, something grandma finds breathtaking!

Ladies - I recommend a nice dress or jumpsuit. Choose a color that will compliment the color of your graduation stole. I highly suggest a cute white dress!

Men - I recommend a suit (& tie if you're feeling it!)

Your second outfit!

This one is the casual student fit! A.k.a.. the "tailgate look."

Whip out those jerseys and cowboy boots please!!

For this look, I personally wore an alumni t-shirt with a cute skirt and sneakers. Catching on to the tailgate vibe yet?

Your college shirt, your college alumni shirt, first gen shirt, honors college shirt, sorority/fraternity shirt, primary college shirt, club shirt, etc... Pair one of those with a nice pair of pants, shorts, or skirt and you're set!!

Your third outfit!

Ladies - This is your fun outfit so bring out those items that scream your personality! This is the time for those fun bell bottoms, fuzzy blouses, and sparkles!

Men - This is your time to whip out those high-end fashion looks. You know, the "drip". If that's not really your style, go for the "Sunday church" look and you'll be set!