The Champagne Pop!

Scared of the pop?

Don't be! This is the most fun part of the session, plus you get to have a little sip after! Follow along for my best tips and tricks for the champagne pop so you can better prepare for your session!

First, don't worry about getting into trouble for having the alcohol on campus! I have never run into any problems, they understand this is a staple moment for grads. If you're still a little on edge about it, sparkling cider will also give us an awesome spray!

The champagne pop is so much fun! It's a celebratory moment for yourself and those who came to support you! We will plan to do the pop at the very end of the session. I know this will probably loosen you up the most BUT I can't risk it getting all over you and ruining your outfit/makeup/hair for the rest of the session. We will make sure to plan your outfits and locations around where you want to do your pop at!

Let's start with a nice list of do's and don'ts!

  1. I suggest going with the Andre' bottle for an easy open and more controlled spray
  2. If you haven't popped champagne before, consider bringing 2 bottles just in case
  3. NEVER take your thumb away from the opening/hole, your thumb is there to create a beautiful spray pattern. Think back to when you played with the water hose outside, making the water spray in all types of ways.... that's what we're going for!
  4. It all happens so fast, sometimes the surprise makes us want to throw our head back and create a double chin. Make sure you're thinking about your poses and facial expressions throughout the spray. I love a cute leg kick!
  5. After the spray has finished, you'll have the option to do a waterfall pour... my second favorite shot!